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“Many are left puzzled by the body transformation video of a lady – how did she achieve it?”

“A young Nigerian woman, known as QueenSharon on TikTok, sparks online buzz with a video revealing her remarkable body transformation, leaving viewers speechless.”

In the video she posted, the woman appeared slim, with minimal body fat and hardly any curves.

As time passed, QueenSharon’s physique became fuller, with her curves becoming more prominent.

This transformation left many curious about how it occurred.

Check out reactions trailing the video …
@Lawrence said: “pls what did you use am begging”

@Angie🤗 commented: “Help a sister 😪🤲 .. I’m 20 looking like 16 .. need help”

@MOOTS??❤️✨ asked: “Who else shouted ahh😂✨😍”

@Elizabeth shared: “same with me o…I just started eating well when I started earning money…i mean eating chicken,eggs basically protein and nutritious foods and boom”

@Juliet(Afro Queen 👑) said: “and here i am drinking bitter leaf to lose weight 🤣🤣🤣”

@Mˢ Jᵘᵖᵉᵗᵗʸ remarked: “I no fit close my mouth since wey I open am 😩”

Watch video below …



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