Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Members of the Lord’s Chosen group were seen engaging in enthusiastic evangelism in the UK.

Selected individuals are sparking online reactions as they engage in evangelism and dance performances aimed at combating poverty on the streets of Woolwich, UK. 

The footage of these church members has gained traction after circulating on various social media platforms.

Members of The Lords Chosen were observed wearing their distinctive lemon bibs as they fervently conducted their evangelism. 

Positioned near the train station, they erected a large speaker and engaged in spirited singing and dancing, purportedly battling against malevolent forces and the scourge of poverty. 

It remains uncertain whether authorities were notified regarding potential noise disturbance.

Check out reactions that followed …
tkinzystar said: “I hope they are sleeping in cell tonight for constituting nuisance”

jyggacollins remarked: “Noise pollution! It’s ignorant to think you can convert the people that christianized you!”

mazihughes_ stated: “Na this Woolwich sha!!!! You go waka for road person go dey call you omo iya mi jo fun mi ni owo. You go gats look twice to be sure you no dey oshodi abi new garage”

melvofficial9030 said: “People still consider London like Obodo Oyibo?…not for me sha ..”

prudyice_ stated: “Una don start 000.Na why immigration rules dey change every eke market day”

a_uora penned: “Nuisance, home and abroad”

luckyestking asked: “Why do I feel like they’ll be deported?”

tundeokoya commented: “Why are we like this…? Disregarding the norms of another country all in the name of religion”

enogieofwales said: “Gutter behaviour”

Watch the video below:

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