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Miyetti Allah Reports Members Slain in Southeast

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has raised alarms about recent violence targeting its members and their livestock in the Southeast region.

Representing legitimate pastoralists, MACBAN has been subject to baseless accusations and misunderstandings. The organization’s National Deputy Director-General, Gidado Siddiki, spoke to the media in Enugu, reporting the deaths of 16 members and the loss of hundreds of cattle in Anambra and Enugu States over the last two months.

Siddiki called for a thorough investigation into these incidents and for the perpetrators, some of whom were reportedly dressed in uniforms similar to those of forest guards, to be held accountable.

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves repeatedly victimized by criminals while simultaneously being wrongly accused of crimes we didn’t commit. Our markets are being destroyed under the pretext of combating crime, yet no proof of misconduct has been presented. Even in remote grazing areas, we are increasingly threatened by criminals, with insufficient response from either the government or local leaders.

“We urge the Southeastern government and leaders of our host communities to acknowledge us as key contributors and avoid blanket criminalization of all herdsmen.

“We ask for their support in difficult times and for their security forces to distinguish between legitimate pastoralists and criminals posing as herdsmen.”



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