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Moment man returns from abroad after many years, surprises mom

In a touching video, a man returns to Nigeria after many years abroad as he surprises his mom and siblings.

The abroad returnee stormed his family compound and his siblings got extremely excited to see him.

Man mom abroad

He waited outside while a woman went in to call his aged mom to come see him.

When she recognized him, she was very happy and rushed to hug him warmly.

In the video, his mother burst into a dance of jubilation over the son’s return from abroad.

Read the comments below:

patrickjoyosas said: “the way male child look like their mother is unexplainable , welcome home sir”

Viva bello said: “I can wait to see my dad it being 16 years now ❤❤❤”

Omon Ble Ble said: “beautiful God please answer my prayers so that I will do the same thing with my lovely mother 🥰🥰👩 🙏🙏🙏”

THE SEED OF ABRAHAM ✝️ said: “congratulations to her❤️❤️❤️❤️what about the father they needed to be surprised too if he’s alive”

chi said; “another day of crying with strangers, so emotional seeing Mama 😭.”

Watch the video below:


Coming from Europe to surprise my mother and some of my siblings #family

♬ my prayers – Fulfil Michael


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