Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“My designer Was told not to allow me touch her kids because she thought I had HIV” – Denrele Edun

Nigerian media personality Denrele Edun opens up about a distressing incident involving himself and the wife of a prominent DJ, as he reflects on nearly three decades in the entertainment industry.

Denrele recounted the unfortunate episode, highlighting how the DJ’s wife prohibited his designer from styling him and restricted his interaction with her children, fearing he had HIV.

He also noted that his slender appearance at the time further fueled the woman’s assumption of a possible medical condition.

He wrote;

“Denrele, you’re a SAFE SPACE.
A place that’s practically non-existent in this cràzy industry of ours, but you represent that and MORE”, @kachioffiah said to me whilst on the Arise 360 Live Show yesterday.

Kachi is just the Iceberg destroying all Titanics!
With a good Ear, refinement, and a degree of Performance perfection that is enviable, she sure made my time on @arisenewsofficial @arisetvafrica worth every second!

Now, everyone look at ME!
I’m adding WEIGHT and it’s so beautiful to see!
For the past 4 Decades, I’ve been Skinny and sometimes labeled Anorexic, Malnourished, and even HIV Positive!

Yes, you read the last part well.

One famous DJ’s wife (at the time) told my favorite Designer not to style me in any outfits anymore or even allow me to touch her kids as it was evident I had HIV;
“Can’t you see how Skinny he is? He looks so Diseased”, the jobless wife spluttered in a voice note.
I listened and smiled.

So here’s to adding WEIGHT in all the right places; My 27-inch waist is now 30!
Who knew this day would ever come?

Gotta do something about my neck though…
E don full!

Come May 2024, I shalt be marking 30 Years in the Showbiz Industry.

I’m truly a Story waiting to be told!

Started in 1993 but professionally got my major break in 1994! This time, I’m going HARD on Celebrating myself!
Prepare to be sick of ME! And to all the youngsters outchea seeking direction, now is the time;
DENRELE has something in store for everyone!

Special thanks to @latashalagos for dragging me outta my Dental Appointment for this interview.
Who could tell I was in severe pain whilst doing this chit-chat?
NADA! Cos Denrele Culturally Appropri-ATE!”.

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