Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

My wife deserves double bride price – Actor Williams Uchemba expresses deep admiration for his beautiful wife.

Popular Nigerian actor, William Uchemba, took to Instagram to express his admiration for his stunning wife, Brunella, revealing a humorous anecdote from their past. He confessed that he once almost paid for another bride’s dress at a wedding they attended together, highlighting his deep appreciation for his wife. Uchemba humorously suggested that his wife deserved to have her bride price paid for a second time.

In celebration of their third wedding anniversary, the actor went above and beyond to surprise Brunella.

He shared fresh images of them, writing:

”I almost paid for another pride price again in Alor today because my wife deserves double bride price😂😂

Today another Oscar was taken off the market

Congratulations again @debyoscar and @uchehector, this is the beginning of something beautiful”.

The couple tied the knot in 2020, with Brunella being a Nigerian doctor based in the US. Originally planning a vacation in Cancun to mark the occasion, Uchemba had to alter their plans due to professional commitments. He then surprised Brunella by pretending he couldn’t return home for the anniversary due to work, only to orchestrate a grand surprise upon his arrival.

Brunella’s joy was evident as Uchemba showered her with gifts, including a new iPhone 15, a thoughtful gesture prompted by her previous phone troubles. The couple’s anniversary celebration was marked by love, laughter, and heartfelt surprises, making it a memorable occasion for the pair.

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