Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Nedu recalls being unprepared for the response he received when discovering his university girlfriend’s infidelity.”

Nedu Wazobia, a well-known comedian, recently shared on social media the aftermath of confronting his ex-girlfriend about cheating on him during their time at Madonna University.

Nedu shared that during his undergraduate days, he dated a beautiful lady from Akwa Ibom. He anticipated her return to campus after the holidays but, upon waiting, resorted to calling her home using a landline. 

His brother answered, informing him that she had already returned to school. This led Nedu to realize she had detoured somewhere instead of coming directly to campus. 

Later, when they met off-campus, he discovered a hotel receipt indicating she had stayed with someone else for three days.

Nedu Wazobia confronted her, questioning if she was cheating on him. To his surprise, she revealed that she was actually cheating on the other guy with him (Nedu).

Watch him recount the story below:

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