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Netizens criticize Chomzy for being seen with her husband and stepson instead of returning the child to his mother.

Netizens have criticized BBNaija personality Chomzy following her posting of a video featuring herself, her husband, and her stepson. 

The controversy surrounding Chomzy and her stepson arose from footage and photos from the child’s first birthday event circulating online. 

Tensions escalated when viewers discovered allegations that Chomzy’s husband had taken the child from his biological mother and prevented her from seeing him. 

Adding to the controversy, Chomzy exacerbated the situation by sharing a video of her, her husband, and their stepson at the birthday celebration.

Online users deduced that Chomzy is adopting a maternal role for the birthday party. Some social media users dragged her and her husband for restricting the child’s biological mother from interacting with her son.

Read some reactions below,,,

@mabel0455 wrote: “Let the child’s mother have access to her child. Nothing justifies that level of wickedness. People can continue to praise him because he has money but money without integrity is zero”

@russian_bred wrote: “Karma will soon come for her”.

@mariansionu wrote: “What exactly does he do for a living”.

@missjayu wrote: “All these people giving hot takes about Chioma I hope y’all know the full story. If you don’t know the full story, you don’t have. I don’t know the full story that’s why I rather kept quiet. What if the baby’s mother has celebrated the child and we didn’t hear? Maybe this celebration here is for the father and Chioma had to be there to support her husband. What if?”



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