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Nigerian artist Peruzzi has openly challenged Wizkid to meet him in person and address him as a ‘pant washer,’ echoing his social media remarks.

Wizkid had previously made comments about Peruzzi being Davido’s songwriter and labeled him as such.

Recently, a Twitter user brought up Wizkid’s remarks, questioning why he chose to refer to the 30BG member in that manner.

“Still can’t believe Wizkid actually called Peruzzi a ‘pant washer’. He get am for mind before?😂,” the user wrote.

Responding to the fan, Peruzzi remarked that Wizkid would not dare say such things to his face.

“Can he say it to my face though? Just answer,” he wrote.

Another user urged the songwriter to arrange a meeting with the internationally recognized musician for the whole to witness the confrontation.

“Set up a date with Wizkid and stream it. One on one o. Let us check something,” the user wrote.

Peruzzi also replied in Igbo, implying that people were asking for an impossible feat, likening the situation to seeing the devil in real life, hinting at potential negative consequences of their encounter.

He replied, “Ihe Unu Na Cho Bu Ka Nwa Mmadu Fu Ekwensu Na Real Life 😂. [Translation: What you guys want is for someone’s child to see devil in real life.]”



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