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Nigerian Lady in surprise as boyfriend proposes marriage with wedding ring she purchased for a client

A Nigerian lady was astonished when she was proposed to with a wedding ring she had previously sold to a customer.

Her boyfriend had orchestrated a surprise marriage proposal, which was revealed in a viral video circulating on a popular social media platform.

The lady appears visibly shocked and repeatedly says, “I bought this wedding ring,” as she processes the surprising situation.

Mam processes to his girlfriend, Source Tiktok

At first, she is sitting comfortably with her partner when a large gift is brought out, displaying the message “will you marry me.”

Overwhelmed with emotion, she covers her face in joy.

Her partner then kneels in front of her, holding out a ring and waiting for her response to the proposal. After she accepts, they share a warm embrace.

It is then revealed that the wedding ring her partner used for the proposal is the same one she had purchased, thinking it was for a customer.

Watch the video below;

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