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Nigerian lady posts text from her boyfriend over not using wigs instead of hijab, sparks online discussion

A Nigerian lady ignited a discussion by sharing a message from her boyfriend, questioning her decision to wear the hijab after choosing to date someone outside her faith.

She revealed this in a video posted on her TikTok page, where she first showed her face and then displayed the WhatsApp message from her boyfriend, who follows a different religion.

Photo of a Nigerian lady, Source Instagram

In the WhatsApp message, the boyfriend expressed his discomfort with her consistently covering her head.

“Why can’t you be wearing wigs like other ladies? I know you’re a Muslim and you love covering you hair at least can’t you open it for once and wear wigs so that you look for more sexy.thats why I can’t introduce you to my friends but you try sha I can manage for the main time” Captioned on the video.

Watch her video below;

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