Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Nigerian man shocks many as he shows off his unique way of economizing fuel in this economy

A young Nigerian man has captured the online community’s attention with his innovative approach to conserving fuel amidst the country’s economic challenges.

In a video shared online, the man, dressed only in a towel, can be seen attempting to operate a generator, likely to combat the sweltering heat.

Rather than employing conventional methods, he adopts a unique strategy by tilting the generator at an angle, positioning the fuel pipe downward.

The apparent objective is to facilitate the flow of fuel through the pipe without filling the entire fuel tank, presumably leading to fuel savings.

The video has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with many expressing disbelief and skepticism regarding the effectiveness and safety of the technique.

Some individuals have voiced concerns that this method may potentially harm the generator’s engine or pose safety hazards.

See Video below;


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