Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Nigerian Woman’s Pregnancy Glow Leaves Internet Astonished with ‘Blood of Jesus’ Radiance.”

A striking Nigerian woman surprised viewers with a revealing glimpse of her pregnancy journey, captured in a video titled: “I was barely recognizable by the end.”

The video showcased the woman’s stunning face initially, but later revealed her appearance during pregnancy, which was markedly different—appearing rough and unrecognizable. 

This unexpected transformation left many social media users shocked, prompting them to fill the comment section with their reactions.

Here are some reactions below:

tallherknee: “Blood of Jesus…I was shocked…omoo if the pikin no resemble me, blood go flow o.”

Lintle: “I’d sue !!!! I don’t know who but I’d sue !!”

Mai: “Yall im scared does pregnancy nose go back down after?”

Maddy Banks: “Come let’s join hands and pray against pregnancy nose sisters.”

LEPARA LA PITORI 💙: “Please sue someone, idk who is at fault but please sue 😭 even if you’re at fault, SUE!!”

Taffy-j💕💃💕: “It seems African pregnancy is different from other countries pregnancy because I’ve never seen anyone in my country change to that extreme when pregnant.”

lonewolf: “whats the chemistry between pregnancy and nose😂thank God I have small nose.”

Modelkala: “When my mom was pregnant with my little sister, she came to pick me up from elementary and I walked right past her not knowing it was her 😭 I felt so bad! She swell up like this, i was so confused.”

Anoesjka Steyn: “yoh guys these kids better be succesful…better not have me looking like im fighting poverty for nothing.”


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