Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Online buzz is generated by leaked conversation between Portable and Bobrisky.

An online uproar ensued following a leaked conversation between Nigerian singer Portable and controversial crossdresser Bobrisky. 

The controversy started when Bobrisky was declared the Best-Dressed Female at a movie premiere attended by Bob and several other celebrities over the weekend. 

The announcement raised eyebrows among many netizens at the event.

Portable, unamused by the remark, expressed his disapproval on social media, questioning Bobrisky’s suitability to be referred to as a woman. 

The online dispute escalated further with leaked messages revealing a barrage of insults exchanged between them.

Ngoziogu said: “Who was patiently waiting for Portables voice.”

Officialsantus reacted: “Why will Bobrisky always threatening people with Nigerian police? Is there something they are not tell us?”

Officialogvictor stated: “Who else notices that Bobrisky man voice dey always come out if he’s angry.”

Jaylodolls added: “Portable finish mommy of Lagos with the can your family post you are they proud of you?”

Pj.stars said: “Portable confronting Bob with English is the highlight for me. Oga said “you are my brotherhood”.

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