Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Only thing he get to offer is money; zero intellectual, zero education, zero manners” – Critic blasts Cubana Chief Priest, he reacts

Popular businessman Cubana Chief Priest recently shared his insights on money-making and spending on social media, prompting a critic to lambast him. In his post, Cubana Chief Priest emphasized the importance of not only learning how to make money but also understanding how to spend it wisely.

However, a netizen, certified_king8, criticized Cubana Chief Priest, claiming that he has nothing to offer other than money and lacks education, intellect, and manners.

In response, Cubana Chief Priest referred to the critic as a “Bingo’s child,” suggesting disdain for the comment and dismissing it as baseless criticism.

Cubana Chief Priest’s reaction reflects his confidence and defiance against detractors, while also highlighting the contentious nature of social media interactions. Despite facing criticism, he remains steadfast in his beliefs and unapologetic about his success and influence.

See their exchange below:

cubana_chiefpriest said: “You don’t just learn how to make money, you gotta study how to spend too. No be to get am, you go fit chop am ? You Dey save everything like say you sure about tomorrow. Just Dey play !!! #moneynawater o?”

certified_king8 reacted: “The only thing this werey get to Offer in life is iv MONEY. Zero Intellectual, Zero Education, Zero Manners.”

a cubana_chiefpriest replied: “@certified_king8 Nwa bingo”

Read some comments below:

dahcoochiehub said: “Chief priest rarely replies trolls, for him to reply this one pa’in am Di€”

neurons56 said: “100% agree! Itching to hear him talk about anything else but money for 5 mins. If you are to be a role model to the younger generation, you MUST have something to offer considering one shouldn’t be entitled to his supposed money. #intelligenceprobe”

cuteaijayy said: “Sorry, it was the other way round. The guy barbequed him instead”

kkcosmetics_and_spa said: “Intellect yes, manners yes, but can you use all that to eat???? I feel like people get upset when someone else’s lifestyle is better than theirs even though they secretly covet it.”

ms__suleiman said: “Nwa bingo’ is all he could say because he can’t proof him wrong.”

comedian_aboki44 said: “And if you check that person well na Him never shop”

kim_berlyfox said: “I mean that fan didn’t lie, this guy is extremely empty that the only thing he has is money”

See the post below:

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