Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Patience Ozokwo becomes emotional as she offers heartfelt prayers to Mercy Johnson for consistently demonstrating love towards her.

Nollywood veteran Patience Ozokwo became emotional as she expressed heartfelt prayers for her junior colleague, Mercy Johnson, who recently visited her. 

In a touching video widely circulated, Mercy Johnson presented Ozokwo with generous gifts, including expensive wrappers and cash.

Patience Ozokwo

Mama G, also known as Mama G, was moved to tears by Mercy’s gesture and started to pray earnestly for her. 

Reflecting on their past quarrel and the attempts by others to disrupt their bond, the veteran actress prayed for Mercy’s forgiveness and the restoration of their connection.

Mercy Johnson

Despite Patience Ozokwo being capable of financing those items herself, Mercy Johnson always brings something when she pays a visit, avoiding arriving empty-handed.

Check out some netizens reactions below:
Cm_Flash asked: “shey the prayer will work like this after those movies that she acted”

Michael noted: “Honor your elders it’s a shortcut to long life and when you gift them it’s a shortcut to blessings.”

LoverofGod00 stated: “Good to see she has someone like that in her corner”

SUGAR asked: “Who will have Mama Gee and not be happy to stand up for her?”

Dan Kube asserted: “Mercy Johnson na better pesin no doubt”


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