Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Paul Okoye engages in a heated altercation with a wig vendor who made derogatory comments about his family, including his deceased mother.

Renowned musician Paul Okoye found himself in a confrontation with a wig vendor after the vendor criticized his family, ex-wife, and deceased mother following Paul’s comments regarding men’s preference for intelligence over wigs. 

Paul responded to a widely circulated interview where female podcasters criticized women wearing inexpensive wigs, asserting that men prioritize intellect over the price of hair attachments.

A wig vendor responded to the singer’s comment, taking it personally and mocking his family while mentioning his divorce from his ex-wife, Anita Okoye. 

The person further criticized Paul’s new relationship with Ivy Ifeoma, calling her a ‘stick’ and tagging the singer in the comment.

In response to the provocative comment, Paul Okoye swiftly messaged the hair vendor privately, body shaming her and advising her to prioritize her weight over his family matters.

The lady continued where she stopped and gave the singer a second round of insults, alleging to be the cousin of Anita Okoye.

She admitted to being neglected by the singer’s ex-wife following her revelation of Paul being behind the death of his mother.

In a now-deleted post, she concluded the drama by calling out the singer on her page, leaking their DMs.

Watch the video below…

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