Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Phyna and Daniel Regha engage in a heated online dispute, claiming there is no distinction between them.

Phyna, the victor of BBNaija Season 7, engaged in a heated debate with Twitter influencer Daniel Regha regarding contentious remarks she made in her recent podcast targeting Edo males.

In a recent installment of her podcast, Phyna delved into the topic of Edo men and their perceived inclination to prolong relationships without advancing towards marriage. 

Reflecting on her own 12-year engagement with an Edo man, she shed light on what she viewed as a common issue among such individuals. 

Nevertheless, her remarks triggered backlash from Daniel Regha, prompting him to take to social media to criticize the reality star.

Daniel Regha levied accusations against Phyna, alleging her lack of understanding and disparagement of Edo men, alongside discrepancies in her reported age and the duration of her relationship. 

He argued that Phyna’s remarks suggested she commenced dating at a young age, which he found concerning.

“Phyna is 26 yrs old according to her BBN & Wikipedia age, but she claims to have dated a man for ’12 years.’ So she started dating at the age of 14? Again, using her poor decision to disrespect Edo State men in general is wrong. She’s always sounding very unintelligent,” Daniel Regha’s comment read.

Phyna swiftly rebutted Daniel Regha’s remarks, asserting that they both faced similar circumstances and accusing him of hypocrisy. 

“Daniel, upon close examination, there’s little disparity between us… If unsuspecting Nigerians concur, then we’re equally implicated. 

S Therefore, you either abstain from commenting or watch the entire podcast on YouTube. Let’s not be hypocritical,” Phyna penned.

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