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Police Detain Five Suspected R@pists in Nasarawa

Police in Nasarawa state have arrested at least five individuals suspected of rape.

The arrests occurred in the Karu and Doma Local Government Areas as part of a broader operation that resulted in the detention of 33 individuals for various criminal activities throughout the 13 LGAs of the state.

Umar Nadada, the state’s Commissioner of Police, disclosed the details in Lafia on Thursday while presenting the suspects. He listed their crimes as ranging from rape to armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry, and impersonation.

Nadada highlighted the arrest of a suspect, Victor Jonathan, known as Korea, who is accused of assaulting two girls aged 13 and 14. “Police operatives attached to the Mararaba ‘A’ Division recently arrested Jonathan for defiling two girls. A preliminary investigation showed the girls were returning from an errand when Jonathan and his friend abducted them and took them to an unfinished building in the Angwan Gwari, Kabayi Area of Karu LGA, where he sexually assaulted them,” he explained.

Another incident involved Stephen Arigu Namo, who was arrested in the Karu LGA after he allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl under the pretense of curing her from a spiritual ailment. “Namo visited the house of Sale Magaji at Aku Village, Base one Mararaba, claiming he was there to deliver his daughter from spiritual problems but instead raped her,” Nadada said.

The commissioner added that Namo had admitted to the crime and was under further investigation.

Nadada also noted that additional suspected rapists were apprehended in Doma LGA. He has instructed that all 33 suspects be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Lafia, where they will be processed and subsequently charged in court.



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