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Popular Nollywood actor claims Junior Pope’s death was a prank to promote his movie

A Nollywood actor has recently asserted that Junior Pope’s reported demise was actually a promotional stunt for a movie he was featured in.

In a video, the actor expressed his belief that Junior Pope is alive and that the rumor was fabricated to generate buzz for the film.

In the video, the actor made several assertions to back his claims, stating, “The producers of this movie are attempting to exploit Junior

In the video, the actor provided several statements to justify his assertions.

He emphasized, “The producers of this movie are resorting to using Junior Pope’s alleged death as a publicity stunt.

This is not only distasteful but also disrespectful to the film industry.” He continued to articulate his stance with sensitive remarks.

Following his statement, numerous social media users engaged in discussions on the comment section, sharing their perspectives on the matter.

Watch the video below;



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