Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Portable, carries women and rarely pay tithes, yet God keeps blessing him – Dami perplexed

Dami, a Nigerian influencer and battle rapper, has sparked a discussion questioning the traditional belief that only those who lead morally and spiritually pure lives are blessed by God. He uses controversial singer Portable as a case study, highlighting Portable’s engagement in multiple social vices such as womanizing, not paying tithes, and smoking, despite still achieving success.

Dami’s musings come in response to a post about the recent music collaboration between British rapper Skepta and Portable. By bringing up Portable’s behavior and success, Dami challenges the notion that adherence to moral and spiritual values is a prerequisite for blessings from a higher power.

His questioning of these beliefs opens up a dialogue about the complexities of faith, morality, and success in contemporary society. It prompts reflection on the nature of blessings and the factors that contribute to individual success, beyond traditional religious norms.

Dami’s perspective invites further exploration of the intersection between spirituality, ethics, and worldly achievements, encouraging a nuanced understanding of these concepts within modern cultural contexts.

His words …

“I will never understand how the universe works, this dude is not even close to God, rarely pays tithe, fights, carries women, smokes, does every bad thing known to man. but here he is, God is steadily blessing him.”

Check out reactions that followed …
@faka_of_west419 commented: “What if it’s not God that’s blessing him”

@YOURTAILORBOY1 remarked: “Dey play ooo.. you fit bath soap ?”

@lolade_Olaiya penned: “How did you know he’s not close to God ? Because he’s always ranting online 😂”

@dat_vetguy commented: “Enjoyment wan wound the wicked 😂☺️”

@big_flexxa said: “Not God but life….you just have to realize that life Favor’s who he deems worthy regardless evil or good”

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