Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Pregnant woman declines to marry partner, stating, ‘I can leave anytime.'”

A Nigerian woman has shared her decision not to marry her partner despite being pregnant with their second child. 

Taking to TikTok, the woman known as @pretty_rib explained to her followers that she prefers the status of being a single mother. 

She mentioned that since becoming pregnant with her second child, she’s faced questions from people wondering why she hasn’t gotten married.

Nevertheless, the young lady expressed her reluctance to bear the responsibilities associated with marriage. 

She disclosed that as a single mother, she can freely exit the relationship whenever she desires without any hassle. In her words, “Marriage ke I will be feeling like dey carry the load on my head I still prefer being a baby mama na anytime I fit japa.

” Users who resonated with her viewpoint on marriage being burdensome flooded the comments section with their thoughts.

Aramide9772 reacted: “Dat me my parents are seriously disturbing me nd me all i need is shop.”

BIG PEACE BE/ED reacted: “Me I born two before my husband pay my bride price.”

Oluwakemi Opeyemi said: “Me i don born three.”

FirefunmiHenry said: “But wait guys why be say anything I Dey always think on na most relatable stuffs TikTok Dey bring for me… tell me this Tiktok no be winch.”

Oluwayemisi reacted: “Some wey do wedding sef fit no enjoy reach you sef enjoy your fargin.”

Thriftby_Tina said: “Me don born four.”

Nne Ego said: “They don shake my table.”

Aramide9772 reacted: “Am even thinking of going to registry Dan to take ask ebi.”

Aramide9772 said: “Sure as a wife i deserve alot most especially the ring but dat won’t bring food to my table.”

Watch the video below:

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