Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Pregnant woman expresses admiration for her attentive mother-in-law who insists on taking care of everything.”

A pregnant woman from Nigeria praises her caring mother-in-law, highlighting the special attention and affection she receives at home, particularly as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of her granddaughter.

In a touching video, her mother-in-law was filmed tenderly doing her hair in their living room as she enjoyed a meal. 

The soon-to-be mother also expressed gratitude for her mother-in-law’s diligent care, handling all household tasks like cleaning and cooking, especially during her pregnancy. 

Accompanying the video, she wrote, “When your mother-in-law spoils you with extra care while you’re carrying her granddaughter. 

She handles everything – cooking, cleaning, and more, not letting me lift a finger, haha.”

Reactions trailing pregnant lady and her caring mother-in-law
Mummy’s Ofavorite girl said: “I lost my mum at age of 15, but till date people don’t believe oooo, they think my mum in law is my biological mother.”

Alabasta1 said: “My masquerade mother in law should come and see.”

Cynthia reacted: “You are blessed dear.not me serving them and they still think they are doing me a favor.”

D importation coach said: “You are lucky oooo me l became pregnant on my 1 year son my husband asked me to go to her place so she will be helping out with some things even if.”

Boss lady said: “God bless mine, I’m a girlfriend but that woman is everything I wanted & faeshe sometimes send me money for shopping.”

Watch the video below …


She cooks, clean, and many others she doesn’t want to me touch a thing lol 😅

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