Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Public reacts to CCTV footage capturing a woman stealing a phone in a store, noting her facial expressions and polished shoes.”

In a widely circulated video, a woman was captured stealing a cashier’s phone at a store. The incident occurred while the cashier was occupied at the counter, packing groceries for a customer. 

The woman took advantage of the cashier’s busyness and impulsively snatched the phone, diverting her attention from her duties.

A video circulating online captures a woman being caught on camera stealing a cashier’s phone in a store. 

The incident occurred at the cashier counter, where the attendant was occupied packing groceries for a customer’s purchase. 

Seizing the opportunity when the cashier was engrossed in her tasks, the woman surreptitiously reached for the phone lying on the counter. Unaware that her actions were being recorded by a hidden CCTV camera, she held the phone and feigned ownership.

Watch video below

Reactig to the post…

@fnprincekay said: “This is the clearest CCTV I’ve seen Her face show. She can’t even escape this one”

@ble_ssing_sunday said: “Thank God her face is clear, so men won’t date her by mistake”

@bintaaaa said: “Stealing iPhone is so pointless you can’t even use it”

@bekki_rivers said: “I hope she’s my ex babe ”

@next_autos said: “This CCTV clear well , her face show ,her shoe shine”

@relationship_life_with_kunle said: “This is the typical example of YOUR FACE SHOW, YOUR SHOE SHINE. God help us already”

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