Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Queen Mercy expressed satisfaction, stating that her husband had paid in full and even added extra as they returned home together with their daughter.”

“Queen Mercy, a well-known reality TV personality, has shared charming photos as she departs with her daughter and husband for their new residence following their traditional marriage ceremony.  

It is worth noting that the BBNaija star, along with her husband, King Oyekanmi, celebrated their traditional wedding on March 13th.”

“Amid the ongoing online buzz surrounding the events, Queen Mercy has posted a touching photo capturing the moment she and her young daughter joined her husband in their car to depart for their new home. 

Queen mentioned that her husband covered her bride price in full and added extra.”

She wrote:

“My husband paid in full, and extra.”

Read some comments below:

gozie__okeke said: “Congrats 👏 but it will be so respectful if you can return another man’s child to him while you can now make as more children with ur husband 🙌 my opinion.”

luchyclaire30 said: “It your genuinely happy for queen pls gather here , this marriage is Worth being happy for 😍”

emmymatt said: “Son no matter what you do in life ,don’t ever be that man in nevy blue agbada”

fefedesiigns said: “Paid in full but didn’t get full package”

joy_hora_ said: “This is a proof that single mothers can still find and experience love 💕
I really love this for her 🤗”

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