Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Reactions arise as a man presents flowers and money to a female soldier at the mall with the phrase “If na police she go bend down pick am” being highlighted.

A viral video depicting a Nigerian man surprising a female soldier with flowers and money at the mall has sparked extensive discussion, despite apprehensions about engaging in conversations involving military personnel. 

The footage features a man, known as teaserprank2, approaching the soldier and her male colleague at the mall, steadily gaining confidence before approaching the soldier as she exits.

A recently surfaced video online shows a Nigerian man named teaserprank2 surprising a female soldier with flowers and money at a mall, sparking significant discussion. 

Despite societal apprehension about interacting with military personnel, the video captures the man confidently approaching the female soldier and her male colleague as they were leaving the mall.

Arriving with a mindset of showing appreciation for military personnel, the man’s genuine intentions proved effective in the mall. 

Catching the female soldier off guard, he knelt down and offered her a flower, signaling just the start of his gesture. 

Despite the male soldier accompanying her giving the man a disapproving glance, the female military member surprised many bystanders by accepting the flower.

Determined to do more, the man stood up and resolved to bring joy to the female soldier by producing some N500 bills. 

In the scene, he proceeded to shower the female soldier with the N500 notes, overwhelming her with their abundance.

Watch video below;

Reacting to the post

@funnyhypemanoflagos wrote: God bless that skit maker for putting smiles on that soldier face and brightening her day. Soldiers are humans too and deserve to be loved. My only concern is the looks on that other soldier face.

@ykul_official said: If na police she go bend down and pick I trust them. said: She respected her uniform by not going down to pick the rest of the money. Nice one boss .

@saintmartinsk remarked: She’s d real soldier as she didn’t pick d rest… our police go ask for more.

@princeomonathaniel2022 penned: if na the other uniform,, they for bend down pick am Sharp Sharp.

@donfranklyn_ said: You see how she didn’t bend to pick? Thats the difference between police and army… they respect the uniform to the core… if you dash police money, e fit give you em gun make you shoot small.. .

@mamaquality_gh reacted: Real Soldier she can’t go down to pick those on the floor..RESPECT.

@7figureboss said: I love the fact that she didn’t disrespect her uniform by picking the money on the floor. A Queen .

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