Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Reactions arise as a young boy in the UK wears oversized clothes sent by his Grandma from Nigeria.”

A mother living abroad, known as @mobiolarr on TikTok, has sparked amusement with a video revealing her son wearing oversized clothes sent by his grandmother from Nigeria. 

According to the mother, her 9-month-old received the enormous native outfit as a gift from his grandma.

The grandmother’s tailor crafted the traditional clothing, which was then shipped from Nigeria to London, United Kingdom, for the boy. In the video’s comments section, the boy’s mother asked viewers to assess the tailoring skills of her baby’s grandma. 

She wrote: 

“POV: Grandma sent native attire from Nigeria to the UK for her 9-month-old grandson. Grandmas are a gift from God. By the way, did grandma’s tailor do a good job? Let me know in the comments.”

Read some comments below:

Titang Afuhanmbom said: “The real African grandma. he will wear it till he turns 5.”

@creativity reacted: “5 year guarantee, the cloth na original.”

@preacherskid (P.K) said: “It’s so nice, grandma don’t disappoint. He will eat it till he is 5.”

Empire reacted: “Mama and tailor try for the measurement.”

@Bliss 0 said: “All I know is, e no go better for this tailor. wetin be this wetin be this I say wetin be this. fine boy yet they sew hand me down give am.”

@loncyir said: “He will grow inside the cloth.”

Sharon reacted: “Yes oh. Trust them to get big sized clothes.”

Ngufie reacted: “It’s actually looks like Grandma’s clothes he’ll grow into it.”

Q&K Cakes and Events said: “Grandma and tailor doing the most.”

@iretomide said: “We call it bomodagba. my primary school graduation suit is still my size.”

Watch the video below:

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