Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Reactions ensue as Kai Cenat shares his thoughts on the taste of Nigeria’s jollof by saying ‘Talkative, take his name Femi back’.”

Kai Cenat, a well-known American YouTube streamer, explained his lack of enthusiasm for Nigerian jollof by citing its excessive spiciness, stating that the dish was too hot for his palate, which hadn’t acclimated to such intense flavors.

The celebrity is currently in Ghana, relishing a pleasant time following a brief stay in Nigeria.

After Kai’s remarks concerning Nigerian jollof rice, various internet users shared their viewpoints.

Some people expressed dissatisfaction with the streamer’s verbosity, while others simply attributed the spiciness of the jollof rice to the Yoruba cooking style.

View the video featuring Kai’s commentary on the excessive heat of Nigerian jollof rice below.

Cenat’s opinion about Nigerian jollof. See some of the reactions below:

@kreemz_is_the_real_deal: “Femi Omo weray You didn’t talk about Ghana Gollof why?”

@sammy_kahlani: “This guy nah mad man, follow his mouth at your risk.”

@__reina_doll: “Talkative.”

@bigg__sly_: “Make this guy rest, he talks too much.”

@jaytunezaj: “Take his name Femi back.”

@chief_enex: “Kai na Yoruba jollof dem give my guy.”

@the_real_tobe_official: “He tasted Ghana jollof with a very fine girl and he tasted Naija own with my guy Shanks. You do the calculations, which one suppose sweet pass?”

@don_chris_king: “Na Yoruba Jollof rice dem give am. For food matter, dem be zero percent.”

@_chrizdior: “If he says Nigerian jollof is too spicy for him, it doesn’t mean the food was bad. Some people don’t just like spicy food and it’s obvious the chef didn’t know about it.”

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