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“Reactions pour in as a young girl effortlessly braids a customer’s hair with lightning-fast fingers, likened to a machine.”

A video showcasing a young girl skillfully braiding someone’s hair has sparked significant attention online.   

Shared on TikTok by @dewisdomstriker, the footage depicts the girl confidently braiding the customer’s hair while maintaining impressive speed.  

Observers were particularly amazed by her ability to multitask and braid without looking directly at the hair. 

Due to her height, she used a high chair to reach the customer’s hair comfortably. Netizens praised her talent in the comments section but also emphasized the importance of prioritizing her education.  

One commenter, @vndrewMwiko, humorously remarked, “All my kid knows is Cocomelon.”

Rosydiamond said: “You pol writing she is suppose to be in sch did she tell u she is not going to sch such an amazing child.”

@maryamu tranus reacted: “This is what school should add in thier syllabus so that children will grow up with skills.”

Joyful Endurance said: “And she dey comot face self dey do am… And me l never still know my talent for 300 level way I dey for school.”

Ephiyarh Chripsy claire said: “Who else saw the small gal braiding faster as an adult.”

Lovely gal said: “Here I am 36 yrs and I can’t even style my hair.”

Nky_mary123 reacted: “All these people that are talking about school should rest jor. compliment the child first. this type of child will always come back with 1-5 position.”

Dolland Kelly said: “As she learns this, her education should not be taken for granted. it will both open doors for her.”

Watch the video below:



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