Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Reactions pour in as Queen Mercy and David officially wed, breaking the stereotype of ‘baby mamas’.”

Nigerians rejoice as Reality TV personality, Queen Mercy Atang, officially ties the knot with King David, leaving everyone in a celebratory spirit. 

The union was solemnized today, March 16th, at the Federal Marriage Registry in Ikoyi, marking them as Mr. and Mrs. 

Oyekanmi. Following her engagement announcement to King David, Queen Mercy also disclosed that he is the father of her daughter, and she is seeking custody of the child.

The internet stirred with significant controversy over this matter. 

Reports suggested that Lamba’s mother opposed his marriage to Queen due to her non-Igbo ethnicity. Nevertheless, despite facing numerous challenges, Queen finds herself granted another opportunity at love. 

Throughout the past week, Queen and David proceeded with their wedding celebrations, culminating in the legalization of their union at the marriage registry in Lagos.

Here are some reactions to the video

okonofuaitohan noted: “She broke that title of baby mamas”

incredible_mcjolly wrote: “Other men may call her husband a simp but I say we don’t know the details of their story that is something only they know. So for me, I respect their love and I wish them the very best. I think he is a great guy. ❤️”

cupcakee09 reacted: “The kissing 😍 I love the way everyone is supporting them . 98% of Nigerians support this union . Just love the energy . Nwoke Newi can go and look for the person the mummy likes😢”

____rozes replied: “This This is indeed true love ❤️ ❤️❤️When a man accepts you for who you truly are , refusing all others and breaks the walls against all odds..Damn!! You just won yourself a jackpot.”

amb.yemisoile added: “When things are done properly and with openess, there will be no complications in the future. You have to give it to both of them for pulling this through. If she was a terrible woman, she could have decided to deceive him by giving another man’s child to him, while if he was an unforgiving man, he would have refused to marry her or have anything to do with her because she had a child with Lamba.”

Watch the video below

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