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‘Real reason why married women cheat’ – Blessing CEO

In a recent episode of her TV show, Moments with Blessing CEO, controversial relationship therapist Blessing CEO delved into the topic of infidelity among married women, offering insights into the underlying reasons behind such behavior.

According to Blessing CEO, a significant factor contributing to infidelity among married women is the lack of seriousness and responsibility demonstrated by their husbands. She elaborated that when husbands fail to fulfill their roles, such as providing financially and emotionally, it can lead to feelings of neglect and dissatisfaction in their wives.

In particular, Blessing CEO highlighted scenarios where men neglect their financial responsibilities, leaving their wives to bear the burden of providing for the family. This imbalance, she argued, can create resentment and drive women to seek emotional and physical fulfillment outside the marriage.

As a solution, Blessing CEO urged men to take proactive steps to secure means of income and demonstrate greater responsibility in fulfilling their roles within the marriage. By addressing these underlying issues, she believes couples can strengthen their bond and reduce the likelihood of infidelity occurring.


As a man, you have to get a job. How would you leave responsibilities for a woman for 9 years and you’re expecting her not to sleep around?.”



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