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Rephrase Man narrates story of how his cousin got jilted by abroad-based lover

Man shares heartbreaking story of his cousin who was jilted after traditional marriage by an abroad-based suitor who only wanted to sleep with her.

He shared the story via his Twitter account, @DrChiemeziem, where many empathized with his cousin.

From the story he shared, the cousin was a very beautiful lady who was very hard to date.

After trying to sleep with her for so long without any success, the man decided to deceive her with marriage

He came down to Nigeria where he paid her bride price and threw a lavish ceremony for their traditional wedding.

However, shortly after they moved in together, he beat her up over a minor argument and confessed that he only married her to sleep with her since she was playing “hard to get”.

Afterwards, he demanded for his bride price to be returned and left the country.

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