Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Reportedly, Verydarkman is subject to stringent bail conditions.

Details regarding the purported stringent bail conditions for the release of the well-known critic, Verydarkman, have emerged online. 

This follows the recent incident where the outspoken activist accused Bobrisky of being utilized by lawmakers and senators.

Reportedly, he was arrested by the police for allegedly cyberbullying Tonto Dikeh, as per information shared by Facebook blogger Dr. Queen Rita Ayemiomo TV. 

Allegedly, to secure his release, Verydarkman requires a property and business owner with a government seal of approval, along with submitting his international passport for one year and paying a bail of N200M.

Dr Queen Rita Ayemiomo TV wrote …

“Breaking news

verydarkman is in a heavy bail condition.

A property and a business owner in Abuja with a govt seal of oath and Submission of International passport for 1 year plus 200 million n@ira 😳😳😳”

Check out reactions trailing the post …
Sima Adeze said: “Freedom of speech is guaranteed but freedom after speech might not be guaranteed oo. Be guided 🤔.”

Lillian Osas remarked: “It’s called certificate of occupancy ( c of o) not seal of oath. Fake life people, diswan never buy landed property before sha”

Kangyang Linda Chollom penned: “Hmmm I remember when he was laughing and making mockery of Blessing CEO when she couldn’t make her bail of 10m, life no balance at all”

Bah Biraan commented: “In Africa you can never be brave to criticise a sitting government when you living within them,otherwise they will show you hell.
I hope and pray he comes out of this mess and learn from this.”

Blessing Kerewi Ojarikre said: “I see people saying you don’t talk when you are in Nigeria, you all are getting it all wrong, my brethren you don’t talk anyhow anywhere without facts and evidence be it naija or any country. This should be a lesson for all I rest my case 🚶🚶🚶”

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