Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Responses as observers notice passengers seated on the roof of a moving bus in Lagos.

A video showing passengers seated on the roof of a moving bus in Lagos has sparked various reactions. 

Two passengers were observed in an undisclosed location within the bustling city of Lagos.

Additional seating has been arranged on the bus to accommodate more passengers. Two individuals are seated, ensuring they remain steady as the bus moves at speed.

Check out some reactions that followed …
rosythrone said: “As a Nigerian I can assure you there’s nothing in this life dat we’ve not seen, nothing remain!”

ms_naomii commented: “Based on experience, Lagos is traumatizing🤦‍♀️”

generallado remarked: “If someone explains Lagos to you and you understand, they did not explain well”

veradollar1 stated: “This is how much I want to Trust in God.”

queenari_ella said: “The view must be beautiful though”

@afrisagacity wrote: “That’s the thing with poverty – it makes you value your life far less than it’s worth. You take blind risks not minding the fact that it may just end your life.

But when you’re rich, you find yourself placing more premium to your life. Life becomes far attractive to live. Your risks are calculated and value-driven.

Those men took such risks because they’re poverty-stricken. Same life with those people who perch on top moving trains.

Hope this helps”

Watch video below …

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