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Sabinus sparks mixed reactions with the launch of his digital currency

Famous content creator Sabinus has introduced his first digital currency, Sabicoin, becoming the second prominent figure to make such a move this month.

This follows the recent launch of Afrobeat singer Davido Adeleke’s token, $Davido, which caused controversy due to financial losses experienced by some of his fans.

Sabinus digital currency.Source Instagram

In a recent post on the X platform, Sabinus announced that his digital currency was inspired by his investor instincts and the widespread use of his viral memes on social media.

“Sabicoin is a digital currency inspired by the Investor himself, Sabinus, and the popular use of his memes on several social media platforms,” he wrote.

Despite the excitement, fans expressed concerns, as many are still struggling to recover their losses from the $Davido coin.

Watch the video below:

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