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Saida Boj makes a public apology to Nigerians for the controversial comments she made on her podcast.

Influencer Saida Boj has issued a public apology to Nigerians after facing backlash for controversial remarks made during a recent podcast.

The controversy erupted following her appearance on The Honest Bunch podcast, hosted by Nedu Wazobia, where she stated that she would only engage in sexual relations with a man who could provide her with N20 million weekly.

A photo of Saida Boj.. Source Instagram…..

Following the podcast, Saida Boj faced significant backlash and criticism from both online users and celebrities, prompting a prompt response from her.

In a recent development, Saida admitted her statements on the podcast were wrong and issued an apology.

She clarified that she did not intend to mention N20 million but, overwhelmed by the cameras, accidentally cited the wrong figure instead of N19.8 million.

Saida humorously broke into tears, lamenting that her viral videos might have jeopardized her future chances of getting married.


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