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Sandra Iheuwa questions how Sophia Momodu can afford a N23M rent

Sandra Iheuwa, Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, responded to criticism regarding her remarks on Sophia Momodu’s N23 million house rent.

Sandra had previously criticized Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama of singer Davido, for what she considered to be misplaced priorities.

Photo of a Nigerian business woman, Sandra Iheuwa. Source Instagram

During her custody battle with Davido, Sophia Momodu shared a screenshot of her N23 million rent receipt for an apartment in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Sandra argued that this expenditure was a misplaced priority, suggesting that Sophia could use the money to start a profitable business instead. She emphasized that, as a single mother, Sophia should be more financially prudent.

Some netizens defended Sophia, claiming she has multiple businesses that enable her to afford such a luxurious apartment.

In response, Sandra questioned the existence of these businesses and challenged the idea that paying such a high rent instead of buying a house is a sound financial decision.

Sandra reiterated that Sophia’s actions exemplify not living within one’s means.

“Mehn….the way some people (especially some women) think cos she paid N23million in rent in an instalment that she can afford it. Where did y’all go to school??? 23 million on rent, not even towards buying a house.

“Please explain this to me, how that’s a good financial decision? I need to see the multiple businesses being claimed! Cos this is the height of not cutting your coat according to your size”.

See Her Instagram story of her post below;

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