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Saweetie says she faces a serious attack by an evil spirit if she doesn’t sleep with gospel music playing.

Saweetie, the American R&B artist, has made a surprising revelation about her ongoing struggle with spiritual disturbances. 

The 30-year-old singer opened up about her battle, stating that if she doesn’t listen to Gospel music before going to bed, she experiences encounters with what she describes as “evil forces.

” She emphasized her belief in the protective power of Gospel music against these disruptive spiritual entities. 

In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, she shared, “I don’t know why I seem to have such a connection with the spiritual realm. The apartment I grew up in had numerous paranormal experiences. Whenever I sleep beside someone, I have to play Gospel music, or else I feel vulnerable to these evil forces. This has persisted to this day.

” She further described experiencing sleep paralysis if she doesn’t play Gospel music, likening it to feeling as if someone is sitting on top of her while she’s dreaming, rendering her unable to move or speak. Saweetie also mentioned feeling spiritually empowered through meditation.



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