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Say Yes! Davido Chants on As Fan Proposes to Girlfriend in His Presence

The video captures a heartwarming moment when a devoted fan kneels before Nigerian musician and songwriter Davido to propose to his girlfriend. In the footage titled “A night with the baddest,” Davido is seen smiling as the young man dressed in white goes down on one knee.

The girlfriend appears surprised and shy as she covers her eyes with her hand in response to Davido’s presence and her boyfriend’s unexpected proposal. After accepting the ring from her beloved, they share a warm hug, followed by Davido embracing them both in a touching moment.

In the video, Davido also applauds the couple, creating a memorable and emotional scene. The footage is gaining popularity on social media, with many people leaving comments expressing their sentiments about the heartwarming moment.

Watch video below 👇👇👇



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