Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Shallipopi flaunts his extensive security team, boasting about the 100 police officers who guard him daily.

Crown Uzama, also recognized as Shallipopi, a renowned Nigerian musician, recently grabbed attention on the internet with his routine endeavors. 

Shallipopi, famed for his unique musical approach, shared on his authenticated profile, showcasing a line-up of vehicles trailing behind him. 

The sensation proudly announced his daily accompaniment of an impressive hundred police officers. Strolling through the streets with grace, Shallipopi’s procession was accompanied by a dazzling array of cars, stretching out as far as one could see.

The video captured able-bodied men standing by the vehicles as they await for the rising star. It was captioned, “100 police dey guide me everyday”.

The video triggered discussions and questions. Some critics suggest that using so many police officers might be too much, especially when there are many other important issues in the community that need attention.

Many suggested that Shallipopi will be needing as much as that convoy since he is on a trip to his hometown, Benin, Edo state.

Watch the video below:

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