Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Shay women don finish for Nigeria” – Lady drags Moses Bliss for marrying from Ghana

The criticism leveled by @RealySapelePikin at Moses Bliss for choosing to marry someone from Ghana rather than Nigeria reflects a sentiment often expressed in discussions about cultural identity and romantic relationships.

@RealySapelePikin’s remarks suggest a feeling of disappointment or frustration with Moses Bliss’s decision, as she questions why he would opt to marry outside of his country of origin when there are presumably plenty of eligible Nigerian women available. Her comments also touch on broader issues of national pride and loyalty, implying that Moses Bliss owes his success and support primarily to Nigerian fans and therefore should have chosen a Nigerian spouse.

However, it’s important to recognize that personal relationships, including marriage, are deeply personal choices influenced by a multitude of factors beyond nationality. While some may prioritize cultural or national compatibility in their choice of partner, others may prioritize qualities such as compatibility, love, and shared values.

Additionally, @RealySapelePikin’s comments about Nigerian men not valuing Nigerian women and favoring women from other countries highlight broader societal issues related to gender dynamics and perceptions of worth. These issues are complex and multifaceted, and discussions about them often touch on deeper societal attitudes and norms regarding gender, nationality, and identity.

In the end, while @RealySapelePikin is entitled to her opinion, it’s essential to approach discussions about personal relationships with sensitivity and respect for individual autonomy and agency. People have the right to choose their partners based on their own preferences, values, and circumstances, and it’s not productive to impose judgments or expectations on their choices based solely on nationality.

Read some comments from netizens:

angelaeguavoen said: “Eyah e pain am o😂
Sorry sorry sorry don’t cry don’t cry 😂😂😂” said: “It’s always the ones with blurry camera”

tynafey said: “Madam rest in Jesus, just wish the couple congratulations”

dolapo_oshin said: “Have you people seen Lucifer face before? Guys, that is HER.”

kawandooempire stated: “On behalf of all the Nigerian girls and women, this woman does NOT speak for us. We do NOT know her”

Watch the video below:

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