Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Shut up your mouth and leave people’s family matter” – Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend Xxssive calls out Verydarkman over Queen-Lamba saga

Actress Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend, Xxssive, strongly criticizes Verydarkman for inserting himself into the Queen Mercy and Lamba saga and brings up Verydarkman’s past as he berates him.

Previously, Verydarkman had expressed his opinions online regarding the situation involving Lamba and his baby mama, Queen Mercy. He criticized Queen Mercy’s husband, David, for accepting another man’s child as his own and suggested that the couple might be seeking validation on social media rather than being good parents to the child.

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In response, Xxssive warned Verydarkman to refrain from meddling in other people’s affairs and to keep his opinions to himself. He then brought up Verydarkman’s alleged past involvement in massaging another man’s genitalia for payment when he was facing financial difficulties.

Xxssive emphasized that the Queen Mercy and Lamba issue is a private family matter, and Verydarkman should refrain from involvement and keep quiet about it.

Reactions have followed …
ayomi___x said: “This guy didn’t tell one lie!!! That verydarkgoat talks too much! Naso e use Cho Cho Cho sp0il mohbad’s case🤮
Aja digbolugi 👩‍🦯”

iamkingdinero1 said: “HE SAID WHAT HE SAID , cause 💪🏽 , no be every matter person Dey put mouth , even ash@wo sometimes Dey select Customer PR.EEK & TO.TO ,”

lorah_irez said: “This guy pidgin English smooth 👌.”

ble_ssing_sunday wrote: “Verydarkman sucks 🍆 for a living, won’t be surprise if he has a crush on Queen’s husband, hence the cho cho cho”

manarisia_1 remarked: “It’s obvious dark man lacks mothers love . That made him become so bitter towards women .”

Watch video below …

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