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Simi discusses her relationship with Falz and addresses the public’s perceptions of their closeness.

Popular singer Simi opened up in a fresh interview about the relationship she had with singer Falz and how people perceived their relationship.

Simi disclosed in the interview that she and Falz share a strong musical “chemistry” but their closeness was misinterpreted.

Simi made this disclosure during an interview on Angela Yee’s podcast, ‘Way Up”. According to her, many people mistakenly believed they were in a love connection.

She also hinted at a new tune with Falz due out later this month.

Simi said, “I have one more single coming out at the end of this month. I can’t say the title now but I can tell you who I’m featuring on it. It’s Falz!
“This is interesting because Falz and I have a history. Before I got married, we did an EP and everything. People thought we were dating. We had a couple of songs together and people loved them. They were like, ‘You have a good chemistry.’ So we decided to do a joint EP and we made an EP called ‘Chemistry.’ People really loved it.
“So we want to do something again for the culture. It’s kind of a funny song. I’m excited and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”


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