Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Singer Portable reveals that his fans never harm him because they desire his longevity and blessings.

Portable, a renowned singer, has revealed his method of withdrawing millions to ensure the happiness of his fans and to protect himself from potential harm. 

In a recent conversation, he disclosed withdrawing 2-3 million naira to distribute during his outdoor engagements. The street-hop artist emphasized that his fans’ affection stems from his generosity towards them, which in turn minimizes any risk of harm towards him.

Renowned singer Portable discusses his practice of withdrawing millions to reward his fans, ensuring their loyalty and minimizing any potential harm towards him.

In a recent conversation, he revealed withdrawing two to three million naira each time he goes out to distribute money.

The hip-hop artist emphasized that his fans’ affection towards him is fueled by the blessings he bestows upon them, resulting in minimal instances of aggression towards him.

While acknowledging occasional incidents such as damage to his car, he noted that his fans have never physically harmed him. Portable attributed this to their desire for his longevity and continued blessings.

Furthermore, he offered advice, stating that when one blesses their adversaries, it becomes challenging for them to sever ties due to the benefits they receive.

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