Sunday, April 14, 2024
Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Single parents creating mentally unstable humans” – Vector rants

Notable rapper, Vector Tha Viper laments the outgrowing numbers of single parents while emphasizing the negative impact on children produced from such homes.

In a post via the microblogging platform, X, the rapper pointed out the single parents epidemic and its effect on today’s world.

According to Vector, it often starts with one parent sabotaging the kids’ relationship against the other with lies and other approaches.

He added that this eventually leaves the children damaged beyond repair, and in turn, become another cycle in the society that repeats the single parents pandemic.


Single Parents: How it’s Destroying Emotion and Confidence of Children

“The alarming rate of single parents destroying the lives of their kids out of emotional sentiment is crazy.

“You have a child with someone, but because you all don’t live together, you sabotage the foundation of the child’s sanity by doing everything possible to destroy the connection they have with the other parents during their formative years.

“In case you are slow, you are destroying your child’s immediate future peace and confidence and creating one more mentally unstable human in the society.”

“Single parents creating mentally unstable humans” –

Vector laments epidemic

“Single parents creating mentally unstable humans” – Vector laments epidemic

Reactions Trailing Vector’s Single Parent Pandemic Claim

wahalaMann opined: “Women are very guilty of this, even in Marriage some mothers still give kids the wrong impression about their father. Some grow up hating their father because of what they were taught while others grow up and are smart enough to judge the situation and know who is the problem.”

PrinceSomorin added: “A state supported epidemic in the U.S. It’s strictly about child support. Whenever in doubt just follow the money.”

Hakeem_Onitolo noted: “Stop using your kids to fight your partners‼️”

Cr7Godbrand emphasized: “When they can’t hurt you directly, they will use what u love the most against you which is the kids.

“yall need to understand that women sees their kids as their retirement plan. Women are afraid of being alone and lonely so they will do everything to make sure that child stays with them till Jesus Christ comes.

“This is why most mamas boys are mostly weak men. When their daughter marries, they will wanna go stay with her and look after their kids.

“Men barely do that. The kids are their retirement plan!! So she will turn them against you no matter what cus they don’t wanna be alone.”


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