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“Skiibii wants to use me for rituals, He wants to K!ll me” – Tiktoker, Nickie DaBarbie cries out

Nickie DaBarbie, a prominent TikTok personality, has made serious allegations against Nigerian singer Skiibii, accusing him of attempting to involve her in money rituals.

In a widely circulated video on the internet, Nickie DaBarbie recounts her harrowing experience and how she narrowly escaped Skiibii’s alleged intentions.

In the video, she is seen filming the surroundings, including Skiibii’s residence and the people present. According to her account, she visited Skiibii’s house and found herself in a precarious situation where she felt she was being targeted for money rituals.

Nickie DaBarbie claims in the video that Skiibii tried to use her for his rituals but failed due to her strong spiritual fortitude. However, some viewers have noted that Nickie DaBarbie appeared to be under the influence of substances in the video, which may cast doubt on the clarity of her claims.

she said;

“I Just Escaped Been Used For Money R i t u a l s By Skiibii”

See video below;



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