Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sola Sobowale voices worry over the quality of single men currently accessible.

Sola Sobowale, renowned Nollywood actress and star of the recent Netflix original series “Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre,” delved into her character Awarun’s portrayal and its connection to contemporary gender dynamics in a recent interview. 

Expressing concern over the scarcity of quality men in modern times, Sobowale drew parallels between real-life experiences and her character’s narrative arc, shedding light on the complexities of relationships portrayed in the series.

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During the interview, Sola Sobowale was questioned about her character “Awarun” and the portrayal of power dynamics in relationships. Specifically, she was asked about a bedroom scene where Awarun discusses her decision to remain single due to the perceived failure of masculinity. Sobowale then shared her perspective on the ideal power dynamics between men and women in African/Nigerian marriages.

Sola Sobowale highlighted the traditional expectations in Nigerian culture, particularly among the Yoruba, where women are typically expected to be married for respect and stability, known as Adeori. However, Sobowale expressed concern over the scarcity of quality men in contemporary society, which mirrors her character Awarun’s experience. Awarun’s decision to pursue independence stemmed from marrying a man who didn’t meet her standards. Consequently, she embraced independence, obtaining her desires and managing relationships on her terms.

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