Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

Soma breaks silence amidst regarding the rumors surrounding his relationship with Angel Smith

Soma’s decision to break his silence on social media regarding the rumors surrounding his relationship with Angel Smith indicates that he’s addressing the speculation head-on. By addressing the issue on his Twitter page, he’s likely aiming to set the record straight and defend himself against any unwarranted criticism or scrutiny.

The removal of the “I love you” from his previous Instagram post dedicated to Angel may have sparked further speculation about the status of their relationship. However, Soma’s decision to speak out suggests that he’s not willing to let rumors dictate the narrative surrounding his personal life.

Dragging his critics on Twitter indicates that Soma is not afraid to stand up for himself amidst the breakup rumors. It’s understandable that he would want to defend his reputation and address any false accusations or assumptions circulating online.

Overall, Soma’s decision to address the situation publicly demonstrates his willingness to confront rumors and take control of his own narrative, rather than allowing speculation to continue unchecked.


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