Monday, April 15, 2024
Monday, April 15, 2024

“Some people think I bleached my face” – Lady confidently flaunts birthmark

A Nigerian woman, identified as @lovelylovelyn2 on TikTok, bravely shared her experiences of facing struggles due to the birthmark on her face while confidently embracing her beauty.

In a video that gained attention, she showcased the birthmark on her face and revealed her unsuccessful attempts to remove it. She also opened up about enduring constant bullying from others who don’t understand her situation.

The woman expressed discomfort with the persistent stares she receives from people in public due to her birthmark. Additionally, she mentioned encountering speculation from some individuals who believe her birthmark is a result of reincarnation.

In her words, “Of course, I have a birthmark, everyone stares at me when I expose it, people believe I’ve existed before, people ask if I bleached, and I’ve also tried to remove it all to no avail.”

Reactions as lady flaunts her birthmark
Queen722 said: “My sis have desame birth mark ooooo not bleaching.”

official_ellaj said: “You are so Beautiful.” Oma said: “When I see u first my first thought was that chai see zubby sister.”

Emma-Nuella reacted: “Omg 6 We hv same birth mark. Please don’t try clearing it again.”

olawunmi reacted: “You’re beautiful.”

Doris Mba said: “Of course I have birthmark people will always ask, if I was born with it.”

Sonia_Empress001 said: “My mum also had this type of birth mark.”

Dami said: “You’re so fine.”

callysshekinah wrote: “I never see your video oo my love.”

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