Sunday, April 21, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2024

“Something wey go still enter pot” – Reactions trail video of luxurious house where goats and rams are raised

Internet users have been buzzing with reactions to a viral video showcasing rams and goats enjoying luxurious accommodations in a stunning facility equipped with modern amenities.

The extraordinary footage depicts rams and goats residing in what appears to be a remarkable structure resembling a human residence. Each animal is housed separately in sturdy iron cages adorned with stylish ceiling designs and elegant lighting fixtures.

The interior of the facility boasts of electric fans installed in every corner, ensuring optimal comfort for the animals. Additionally, flat-screen televisions have been set up, adding an unexpected touch of luxury to their surroundings.


Luxurious residence of goats and rams

The level of comfort provided to these animals, which are typically destined for human consumption, has left online users astonished and intrigued. The video has sparked widespread discussion about the treatment of livestock and the evolving standards of animal welfare in modern society.

See netizens’ reaction below:
Oyindamola wrote: “Omoh see where goats and rams dey stay 🙆🏽‍♂️😂”

H.Sinner asked: “Rams dey watch TV ke?”

Timi OG said: “If ola of Lagos tell you the price you go know say no be ordinary ram”

Opsylo_jays noted: “All animals are born equal but some animals are more equal than another”

bellarus007 asserted: “The whole place still gonna smell like shit though 😏”

Dr Farouk stated: “Something weh go still enter pot. Even Americans don’t do this much.”


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